Don’t have a truck? We can deliver to you! Our trucks hold 4-6 cubic yards of bulk product.  At Blue Star Nursery we offer delivery for all your weekend projects. If you want mulch to freshen up your gardens, or need bulk soil for your landscape project, we can deliver it right to your driveway.


Let Blue Star Nursery add value and curb appeal with a custom landscape design. Whether it is a new construction, complete renovation or updating your existing landscape, we will work to build a design that will fit both your budget and needs.  Proper landscape design not only enhances  your personal enjoyment, but it’s the ideal way to add to the property value of your home as well. If you would like to learn more about our services for landscape design in Windsor, LaSalle and nearby areas, please call us at 519-966-5673.


A plant needs more than just a hole in the ground to thrive!  Our landscape installation service ensures that your new garden, tree, or shrub gets off to a great start.  Staffed by experienced gardeners under the overall supervision of a horticultural technician we will prepare the site, add materials as required and install your new plants.   All you need to do is water!